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Data360 Analyze 3.10.1 Release Announcement

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    Posted 09-21-2022 10:52
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    The Data360 Analyze 3.10.1 release is now available.

    This is a new Generally Available Long Term Support (LTS) release that provides the following features/fixes

    ERP nodes to handle the max row count

    The Extract ERP Table node will allow you to set the MaxRowCount that limits the number of rows retrieved when no RowCount is specified. The RowCount property is used to limit the rows, however, if the SAP system does not allow for the default (2147483647) number of rows, the property can be "unhidden" then set on the node or set server-wide.

    Preserve Tomcat settings across upgrades

    The upgrade installation process has been improved by ensuring that server.xml, web.xml & cacerts Keystore is maintained between upgrades. Examples of when you might change these files are while Configuring HTTPS or while Importing SSL certificates for use with certain nodes.

    Execution Data Sandboxing – access to files at other locations

    Introduce a new property in the Execution Sandboxing feature. ls.brain.server.docker.mounts allows the system administrator to configure user access to file locations other than the locations restricted by the Execution Sandboxing feature.

    Additional Enhancements / Fixes

    • Added a new property to the "Archive Compress" node, where when used the files in the created zip will be relative to the source folder, as opposed to its current behavior where it uses the full file path of the source file within the zip archive.
    • Users can now disable a schedule while the data flow in the schedule is running.
    • The Database Metadata node has had several fixes applied.
    • Fixed stability issues around system backup.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Execution data sandboxing" feature, on Windows whereby the Docker network was being removed after restart of Windows.


    And more…


    For more about this release, Release notes are attached below.