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MapInfo Pro Runtime v2019 Release Notes

  • 1.  MapInfo Pro Runtime v2019 Release Notes

    Posted 04-20-2020 16:05
    Edited by Patrick Collins 04-20-2020 16:25
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    We are pleased to provide a new release of MapInfo® Pro Runtime v2019 (64-bit) . You can find the download link, release notes, and some information about the release below.

    MapInfo Pro Runtime v2019 Maintenance Upgrade 



    What's New 

    Here are some of the new features you will enjoy in v2019:

    ·         New SQL Window Find, segment and update your data faster and easier

    ·         Map Layout Improvements Make beautiful maps with new layout improvements via feature parity with 32-bit interface focusing on vector legends and line/fill style enhancements

    If you need further assistance with your download or require support with your software, please contact our support team. 

    Patrick Collins

    Patrick Collins
    Senior Product Manager - MapInfo Pro
    Boulder, CO