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  • 1.  WMS GetMap URL Filter Capability

    Posted 09-06-2019 02:08
    Hi All,

    Has anyone found how to call a feature using wms url?

    I used cql filters in geoserver and tried to apply on the SSA wms url but didnt work. Has anyone tried doing it and got it working?

    My Geoserver image looks like this: The highlighted property was done using cql filter on geoserver.

    I can bring the image using bounding box, but would also like to highlight it. I could see only by applying filter. Please let me know, if this made sense. Thanks.

    Caleb Kantepudi
    Asset and Spatial Information Officer (GIS) | Asset & Property Services
    Brimbank City Council

  • 2.  RE: WMS GetMap URL Filter Capability

    Posted 10-10-2019 22:03
    Edited by Duri Bradshaw 10-10-2019 22:06
    Hi Caleb,

    My limited understanding is that SSA connects to the WMS service and dynamically creates the layer requests so I don't think it is currently possible to add layer specific parameters. If you look at the configuration XML you will see that SSA only stores the GetCapabilities URL and then the layer name and a few other settings for each layer.

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    Duri Bradshaw
    Spatial IT Consultant
    Insight GIS