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  • 1.  Unable to add new Tables or Columns

    Posted 06-28-2021 07:44

    I am in the process of building our inventory of Tables and Columns.  I have been doing this via the Data Catalog > Tables > Fields.  I've been in process daily for over two weeks until today. 

    Today, it appears to work, but when I select Data Catalog > Tables and look at the Table, the Field is not there. 

    Similarly, if I select Data Catalog > Tables > Fields, it is not there.

    When I tried to add a second time, to be sure it wasn't my mistake, I get a red box with error message: 

    Has anyone else had problems?  

    Thanks.  Judy

  • 2.  RE: Unable to add new Tables or Columns

    Posted 06-28-2021 08:55

    Note: This was originally posted by an inactive account. Content was preserved by moving under an admin account.

    Hello Judy,

    Looks like there is already Zendesk ticket opened from your end and we will update you on the Zd ticket regarding the issue.