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  • 1.  Heatmap settings

    Posted 05-24-2021 08:36

    Hi All

    I've just started generating some heatmaps for the first time in MIPro 19.3. Last time I built some (2018) I was still using the old (now defunct) Pitney Bowes Crime Analyser (great tool). 

    What I want to achieve is just the concentrated area of activity marked red to yellow but without seeing the outer areas so the end user can see the background mapping (for context) - as I will be overlaying these over LSOA's thematic coverages showing relative deprivation.

    I've tried various colour settings (a Friday afternoon job).

    The 'Adjust Image Styles' dialog is similar to the function in Crime Analyser (attached image 1). However, what I want to do is make the outer colour band transparent. This worked seamlessly in Crime Analyser but, for some reason (even when I pick a colour scheme which has only 2 colours - red/white) after I select the white to be transparent in the dialog box (image 1) it still shows up grey (image 2). It doesn't seem to matter where I click on to re-select the colour, it still displays these grey bubbles (using the white/red option (image 3).

    I can almost achieve the effect by setting transparency on the layer to 70% but it diminishes the effect of the red areas too.

    I'm probably missing something obvious here. Can anyone steer me in the right direction.

    Many thanks, Martin.

    Martin Dowler

  • 2.  RE: Heatmap settings

    Posted 05-24-2021 08:53
    You will need to use Advanced Color tool under Raster Tab for this purpose.

    Select the output Heatmap file generated from the drop-down and use "Apply Clip Limits" option along with "Transparent Clip Limits".

    You can also set the transform to User Defined and create custom breaks based on HeatMap data. For custom breaks if you wish to make any break transparent just set it's alpha value to 0.

    User Defined:

    Hope this helps.

    Anshul Goel
    Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
    Shelton CT