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  • 1.  Geocoding Greek Addresses

    Posted 07-26-2019 07:15
    I am from Greece and my company, as a PBS Partner, is trying to deploy PBS solutions in the Greek Market.
    Working with MI and SSS we realize that we have serious problems in geocoding greek addresses.
    We tried directly with PB Geocoder (through MapInfo). We tried the addresses with Greek characters and latin characters. The result was no addresses to be geocoded.
    Then we tried with SSA Geocoder, in the same way and again no success.
    Finaly we tried Map Marker. This accepts the addresses in a very specific format and it returnssome geocodes when the addresses are typed with latin characters. The accuracy is at the level 5 (not precize).
    This functional weakness is a very strong handicap in promoting LI/GIS solutions from PBS.
    Does any one have a similar experience?
    Is there any solution/workarround?

    Dimitris Ioannidis
    Director Systems Development and Support
    Papakosmas Datatechnika (VAR)

  • 2.  RE: Geocoding Greek Addresses

    Posted 07-26-2019 16:46
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    Hello Dimitris,
    The geocoding team released its quarterly refresh on July 15, 2019 .  We updated Greece -  Street Geocoder (GR1 and GR2) for Greek and Latin, this will return street interpolated precision geocoding results.   Address points should be available soon.  We performed a successful test using the attached input file (addresses in Greek characters).  This file can be used as a test to see if you get similar results.

    Additional details will be needed to understand what problems you're having using MapInfo Professional and the Location Intelligence Geocoding Server.  Please contact technical support to help resolve your issue.

    Penny Szot

    Penny M. Szot
    Sr R&D Manager
    Location Intelligence - Geocoding
    350 Jordan Road
    Troy, NY


    grc_addr-Output.csv   1 KB 1 version

  • 3.  RE: Geocoding Greek Addresses

    Posted 07-29-2019 05:53
    Hi Demitris - thank you so much for reaching out to us on here - we are here for you and will try to assist you to get this issue resolved.  I will have one of my team raise a case for you in Tech Support now.  You will then receive a new case number by email.  If you would be so kind as to reply with all of the relevant information, we can then start our investigations or if needed point you in the right direction.​

    Our contact email to raise a new case is as follows as this is by far the best way to contact us when you need our help:

    I can see from our records that you are valued partner and I will contact your Channel Partner Manager, to ensure that you have what you need for raising cases via the Partner Portal if you would prefer and to check that you and your team have all the training enablement you need.

    Kindest regards



    Emma Dewdney

    EMEA Software Support Manager

    CES/CIM Products



    free phone: 0800 840 0001

    mobile: +44 7834 618797


    Pitney Bowes

    Unit C Compass Centre North

    Chatham Maritime


    ME4 4YG

    Emma Dewdney
    Technical Support Analyst
    Pitney Bowes Software Ltd
    Chatham Maritime

  • 4.  RE: Geocoding Greek Addresses

    Posted 07-29-2019 09:37
    Hi @Emma Dewdney

    Thanks for opening a case with the technical support.

    I'm the Presales Engineer supporting @Dimitris Ioannidis​​ in his business from the technical part.

    After checking with the Geocoding Engineers we found there are NOT issues in the using of MapMarker OnLine - just to change the headers columns of his Greek files. I have already sent Dimitris an email about this. Thanks. 
     At the moment we don't need a technical support open I guess - after our tests and Penny's post .
    I will keep you informed privately .


    Monica Di Martino
    EMEA LI/GIS Presales Engineer
    Pitney Bowes