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  • 1.  Setting up Query in SSA

    Posted 01-20-2021 20:51
    Hi Everyone,

    I am extremely new to using SSA and are having trouble with setting up Queries.  Is there any way to set up a query that permanently stays against a profile?  

    Why I ask is that I have a lot of users of our system using the same query parameters over and over again and are getting a little cranky with having to select the same query parameters every time they want to search the same layer.  They want something that is already set up. '


    Kylie Kerr
    Moree Plains Shire Council
    Moree NSW

  • 2.  RE: Setting up Query in SSA

    Posted 01-21-2021 03:46
    Edited by Monica Di Martino 01-21-2021 03:48
    Hi Kyle,

    you might set up a query creating a Named View Table in Spectrum Spatial Manager, links to guides are below. You can create Simple and Advanced queries, in the Advanced you might set parameters for example.
    After creating the Named View Table you can set the Permissions to Users and Role in Spectrum Spatial Manager (see guide below).
    For using the query/View Table you need to set the query of the table (so the Named View Table) in Spectrum Spatial (Analyst) map Projects Editing - go to business maps, tab query and select the View Table relative to the table (that is also a layer of the map project).
    In Spectrum Spatial Manager you can set  True the flag to Quick Search, so the end user can use the query just clicking in the search box on the top left of the SS(A) UI. 

    Here the links for Release 2020.1
    Creating a Named View Table: https://docs.precisely.com/docs/sftw/spectrum/20.1/en/webhelp/Spatial/index.html#Spatial/source/Resources/resources/repoman/create_viewtable.html
    Permissions tab : https://docs.precisely.com/docs/sftw/spectrum/20.1/en/webhelp/Spatial/index.html#Spatial/source/Resources/resources/repoman/Permission_Management/PermissionsTab.html
    Quick Search settings in Functionality Profile https://docs.precisely.com/docs/sftw/spectrum/20.1/en/webhelp/Spatial/index.html#Spatial/source/Management/analyst/managing/managing_map_projects.html

    If you are using Release 2019.1 you might use the same links with 19.1. 

    kind regards,

    Monica Di Martino
    EMEA LI/Data Sales Engineer