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Cloud Location Over Cellular (C-LoC)

  • 1.  Cloud Location Over Cellular (C-LoC)

    Posted 05-13-2019 12:13
    In a stunning example of "you can learn something new everyday" ... a press release was posted today by Polte, a Dallas, TX-based company that specializes in Cloud Location Over Cellular or C-LoC, which according to the release announced, "the commercial beta launch of its Mobile IoT location platform, allowing enterprises and developers of IoT solutions early access to the best cellular-based location solution."

    Polte specializes in using the narrow-band region of the LTE spectrum which reduces the battery power demand on IoT devices. Polte describes Mobile IoT as using NB-IoT, LTE-M/ Cat-M, and 4G LTE spectrum. The solution appears focused on indoor location tracking of warehouse pallets. Again according to the press release, "Polte's C-LoC location solution enables IoT solution providers to eliminate the need for GPS / GNSS radios by leveraging globally available Mobile IoT networks. In addition to providing wide-area outdoor coverage from rural to dense urban, Polte's location solution offers highly accurate tracking indoors, even when objects are inside vehicles or in shipping containers."

    Joe Francica