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ME22N - Update delivery date

  • 1.  ME22N - Update delivery date

    Posted 03-25-2020 04:19
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    Hi Winshuttle Community, 

    I've been looking at a few help articles for creating a ME22N script to change delivery dates as I'm suffering with collapsing of the header and item overview sections with subsequent transactions. 

    This is the specific article I'm referring to. 

    Under the "Additional Information" section it describes using a "IF FIRST" and "IF NOT FIRST" transaction conditions to get around this issue, I've managed to find where to put the "IF FIRST" condition but can't work out where to put the "IF NOT FIRST" condition. 

    Script attached, any help greatly appreciated!

    Woodside Energy Ltd


    ME23N_20200325_151523.Txr   740 KB 1 version

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