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  • 1.  Display an extensibility in SSA

    Posted 03-17-2020 04:25
    Hello everybody,
    I try to display an extensibility in a SSA project. I use the same same code in CustomAnalystModuleConfig.json than in 18.2 :
    {{  "modules": [ {           
    "name": "ConditionalQueryModule",           
    "description": "conditional dynamic query",           
    "modulePath": "extensions/app/pdf-project/pdf-tool.module.ts#PdfToolModule",           
    "components": [{               
    "componentName": "PDFToolComponent",               
    "parentComponentName": "LegendContainer",
    "initParameters": {
    "useSearchParams": "false",                       
    "addToMap": "true", "getResult":"true"               
    }            }],            "externalLibraryPath": [],           
    "mapConfigAssociated": [{               
    "mapConfigName": "Aviva1",               
    "components": ["PDFToolComponent"]            }]        }] , 
    "componentsToRemove": [  ]}
    But it does not work. Do you have any idea about this issue.
    Thanks you,

    Augustin Boyer

    Augustin Boyer
    GEO RM

  • 2.  RE: Display an extensibility in SSA

    Posted 03-17-2020 06:44
    I'd recommend that you post this question in the Spectrum Spatial community instead.


    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Distinguished Engineer
    Pitney Bowes Software & Data

  • 3.  RE: Display an extensibility in SSA

    Posted 09-07-2021 22:10
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    Hi Augustin;

    There is a new document for extensibility in SSA guides steps of configuration.



    Ayman Hamzeh
    Knowledge Community Shared Account