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  • 1.  Spectrum Platform v2020 module updates

    Posted 06-25-2021 02:27
    I have installed Spectrum Platform v2020 and am now preparing to install all relevant updates. Currently only licensed for a few modules.

    In order to only install relevant updates, I am trying to reconcile module codes to actual module names referred to in update documentation.

    For example I have licensing for the following:
    Module: EDI   Feature: EDI
    Module: LIM   Feature: LIM
    Module: SDF  Feature: BDF

    Would like a document, if available, that provides names for these module codes.

    Michael Gronlund
    Blue Mountains City Council
    Katoomba NSW

  • 2.  RE: Spectrum Platform v2020 module updates

    Posted 06-28-2021 22:20
    Edited by Terry Hunt 06-28-2021 22:20

    Hi Michael,

    The following Article has a breakdown of most of the Modules:

    Details of modules listed in License and Expiration page in Spectrum

    If you have others beyond that we can check internally and advise.

    Terry Hunt
    Software Support Engineer
    Sydney, Australia