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EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R2 is now available

  • 1.  EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R2 is now available

    Posted 12-17-2021 06:52
    Edited by Kiran Deglurkar 12-17-2021 07:07

    The latest release of EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R2 is now available.

    The release artifacts are available to download from the e-Store (Partners and Customers) :

      The EngageOne Deliver installation media is bundled with the EngageOne Server release zip, and is also available as a separate download.
      Download failure ?

      In case of download failures , do not reply to this post.

      Please e-mail a report of the issue to Fulfillment -> Fulfillment_Case@Precisely.com

      Product Documentation links
      A Full list of New features and cumulative issue fixes for each product can be found in each Product's release notes available on the Precisely support site.

      New in this release
      EngageOne Compose product support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019
      Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 in EngageOne Server, Designer, Content Author and Deliver has been added in this release.

      EngageOne Designer and Interactive Editor support to Allow blank values in Interactive Data fields and Variables
      A new Designer "Allow blank" Interactive Data Editor Field and Publication Interactive Variable field property has been added to allow the Interactive web client and Editors to submit a document containing Optional (Non mandatory) empty / blank fields, where this new "Allow Blank" field property has been defined and published from this release Designer publications for subsequent use as Interactive templates.

      Refer to the EngageOne Data section in the Designer User's Guide for detailed information on this new option.

      EngageOne Designer, Content Author and Generate support for transparent image PDF output
      Support for Transparent Design image PNG and BMP formats in Generate PDF output has been added in this release.

      EngageOne Generate Rotated Text Box transparency PDF output change
      EngageOne Generate PDF output using RGB PDF Device setting adds transparency for the image created for Rotated Text Boxes , resulting in a smoother output. The Generate PDF size is slightly larger as a result.

      EngageOne Designer,  Generate support for PNG and BMP image ICC profiles in PDF Output
      EngageOne Generate PDF output now supports embedding of Design PNG and BMP image formats containing ICC profiles, published from this release.
      Refer to Designer release notes for restrictions.

      EngageOne Designer,  Content Author secure settings update script release media support
      EngageOne Designer and Content Author ./install release media folder includes new secure settings update scripts, replacing the need for manual configuration of this important feature. 

      Refer to the Designer Installation Guide and Content Author release notes for details.

      EngageOne Content Author Pre-installation requirements script release media support
      EngageOne Content Author ./install release media folder also includes a new pre-installation configuration script, as an alternative to manual pre-installation Content Author environment configuration.

      Refer to the Content Author release notes for details.

      Withdrawn support
      EngageOne Designer, Server, Content Author, Deliver support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
      EngageOne Compose products no longer support the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 from this release onwards.

      Advance retirement notice
      EngageOne Designer, Content Author, Generate removal of deprecated output devices in 2022.1 release
      EngageOne Designer + Content Author Publish and Generate output support for the following deprecated output devices will be removed in the 2022.1 release :

      - VIPP
      - VPS
      - PPML
      - IJPDS
      - MIBF

      Action required : Customers using any of these devices in EngageOne Designer Production Jobs or Content Author Hosts, should replace them with one of the supported output devices prior to migrating to the 2022.1 release.