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  • 1.  Interactive Editor App - Customizing functions/toolbar

    Posted 03-08-2021 05:14


    as we had to develop a customized workflow for a customer with the interactive editor app (IEA), we did not wanted to pass control of a document outside our control. As with the standard functions i.e. PRINT is possible for the user to choose and print a document locally before it is passed on inside the workflow and could be sent to a customer without review or archiving.

    The toolbar inside the IEA is customizable via an XML file inside the program folder where the IEA had been installed.
    Typically you'll find features.xml under the path of: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pitney Bowes\EngageOne Compose\Interactive Editor App\.

    1. make a backup of features.xml to features-xml.bkp
    2. Use notepad or any other texteditor to open the file
    3. look up the features you want to enable/disable and note their ID numbers
    4. browse to the end of the file where <featuresets> begin
    5. Inside <featureset name="Interactive"> there are all the currently enabled features 6. You can comment out the non-desired features by putting <!-- before <fsentry featureid="xxx" /> and behind this: -->
    6. restart the app and you will see your feature has disappeared!

    Note: to disable PRINT the featureid is "17" !

    When distributing your interactive editor app, make sure you distribute the modified features.xml to apply your settings to the client - this is not server controlled.

    Hope this helps others!


    Marc Seidler
    BSG Business Services GmbH (VAR)

  • 2.  RE: Interactive Editor App - Customizing functions/toolbar

    Posted 11-07-2021 07:35
    You can customize the toolbar graphically using the pointer, or in project options for editing. To customize the size and location of the editing toolbars, complete the following steps: If the editing toolbar does not appear in the active view, do one of the following: In the Create Features pane, click a polyline or polygon feature template. In the Modify Features pane, click Vertices Edit Vertices and select a polyline or polygon feature. On the toolbar, click Configure tool feedback options. Configure toolbar Choose a size and orientation https://screamreality.com/sims-4-debug-cheats/ "}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}">how to turn off debug sims 4? find out at https://screamreality.com/sims-4-debug-cheats/. To cancel, click anywhere on the map. Configure toolbar Hover over an empty box to preview your selection. Click the box to apply the size and orientation to the toolbar.

    james asc
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