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  • 1.  Merging two branches of a Doc1 Repository

    Posted 02-25-2020 05:01

    I have an issue merging two branches of a DOC1 repository (version 6.3).
    I understand that it is possible to merge a branch that was issued from the original branch.

    But the context I am dealing with is a bit different.
    There are two branches in the repository, that are not related. Branch A is independant from Branch B, i.e. none of the branches were created from each other.
    Is there a chance that it may be technically possible to merge A into B (or vice versa), since we need to mutualise elements (such as active contents...) between the two branches.
    The first tests were not very conclusive, and difficult to interpret.

    If someone has any insights about this question, and/or such orpration was already done elsewhere with succes, info would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.


    Guillaume Reydellet

  • 2.  RE: Merging two branches of a Doc1 Repository

    Posted 02-25-2020 05:56
    ​Hello Guillaume,

    In Designer, any branches (or "projects") can be merged, including those that are unrelated. This is documented in the Designer Users Guide in the Version control section on page 103:-

    Projects can also be merged. This would typically be for merging back changes once they have been tested, but any two projects can be merged together. You are given the opportunity to resolve any conflicts that would result from the merge.

    In what way have your tests been inconclusive and "difficult to interpret"?
    Some things to bear in mind:-

    - The folders in the projects are matched by name so items in the same folder path will end up in the same folder location after the merge. Rename folders if you do not want this to happen.
    -  Editable items that are unrelated will not replace each other - they are not matched by name and will not "conflict". So if you had 2 unrelated publications with the same name/folder location in the 2 projects, you will end up with 2 separate publications in the destination folder after the merge. The incoming publication should have its name modified since there cannot be multiple items of the same type and name in the same folder.
    - The default "preview" production job, "Default PDF" output device and "Default Resource Map" items are related to each other and will conflict.

    Jack Tsang
    Advisory Software Engineer
    EngageOne Compose
    Pitney Bowes

  • 3.  RE: Merging two branches of a Doc1 Repository

    Posted 02-25-2020 10:34
    Hello Jack,

    Thank you so much for the promp reply and the hints you provided.
    We investigated further, and, finaly, there are only about 30 items with fishy messages, so at the worst, we will have to recreate those, which is not a big deal in the end.


    Guillaume Reydellet