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Become Customer Centric with EngageOne

  • 1.  Become Customer Centric with EngageOne

    Posted 03-20-2020 04:35
    10x Your Template Update & Deployment Speed with EngageOne Server

    The latest release of EngageOne Server accelerates customer centricity inside your organisation.  What is customer centricity

    According to Tien Tzuo, author of Subscribed traditional industries operated in the Old Business Model, depicted on the left below.  They were focused on efficient production and supply chains but knew nothing about the customers they serve.

    Old versus New Business Model

    Customer centric organisations operate on the new business model shown on the right.  They start with the customer, endeavour to create an experience around the customer that is so good that the customer subscribes to their services.  And the services in turn become better with time based on the insights from customer behaviour that customer centric businesses gather over time.

    The success of today's most successful companies starts with the customer identity.  Everything the customer does and every interaction they have gets associated with that customer identity, generating valuable insights that customer centric businesses use to forever improve the services they provide.  A major difference between Amazon and traditional retail is that Amazon completely understands every customer and can tailor experiences to meet their exact needs.

    Interestingly service organisations like banking, insurance, telecom and utility providers have known the identities of their customers forever.  However, these organisations traditionally transacted with their customers using the old communication model, with a one-way, one size-fits-all communication flow.  Disruptors in these segments now leverage customer data, from smart meters for example, to tailor the services they provide.

    Building lasting customer relationships also requires you to continuously tailor your customer communications in order to proactively meet your customer needs.  Business leaders have struggled to rapidly optimize communications to proactively meet customer's changing needs.  Legal compliance is one of the challenge banks face when wanting to be agile, fast and customer centric in their communications.

    The latest release of EngageOne Server lets you take the efficiency, agility and customer centricity of communications to levels never seen before.  Early adopters report ten times (10x) faster template updates and deployments resulting in a 90% reduction in the time spent on these tasks, all while reducing compliance risks.

    EnagageOne Server introduces advanced system wide search and analysis of reusable content allowing you to reuse and share content more easily than ever before and stop reinventing the wheel!

    End-to-end workflow and approval streamlines collaboration between business analysts, marketers and template designers, resulting in a more controlled approach to updating templates.

    To ensure compliance, the workflow includes side-by-side comparisons, highlighting to business users what parts of communications have changed and which remain the same.

    When template updates are complete and approved, the new asset promotion feature enables template designers to directly deploy updated template assets across their development, test, acceptance and production environments.

    Customer centric organisations need to deliver omnichannel customer experiences.  The latest EngageOne Server release will accelerate your journey to customer centricity.  Template resources can be shared across communication channels and with EngageOne Server, rules can dictate which channel(s) each customer will receive each communication on across web, email, print, chat and personalized video.  Communications across these channels are tailored for the channel and when combined deliver the truly omnichannel experience your customers desire!

    Finally, long term users of DOC1 Generate have grown to love its performance.  That is its ability to compose hundreds of highly personalized communications per second on basic hardware.  Well, the latest version of EngageOne Server introduces Express Batch that offers the same performance as DOC1 Generate!  Only now you can:

    1. Make and deploy template changes ten times (10x) faster.
    2. Enjoy end-to-end workflow between business users, marketers and template designers including side-by-side comparisons to easily recognize changes.
    3. Streamline template asset promotion across development, test, acceptance and production environments.
    4. System wide search and analysis (e.g. used-byanalysis) of reusable content.
    5. Tailor output by channel to deliver an omnichannel experience across web, mobile, print, email, SMS, chat and video.
    Interested in learning more? Sign up for our webinar on 24th March 2020 using this link or reach out to me or your account executive to learn how EngageOne Server can make you and your organisation better serve your customers.  Become customer centric today!

    Gaston Hummel (gaston.hummel@pb.com)
    Solution Architect & Marketing