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  • 1.  iProof a wonderful tool - can we review it

    Posted 07-06-2020 04:36
    Edited by Sunil Kumar 07-06-2020 05:00

    We use iProof 5.5 for reviewing documents generated in production while using EngageOne suite. This is such a wonderful product and we don't find any replacement for it in last 6 year. We definitely need a product of this kind.
    This help us recording review comments and helps us in making sure last final check before releasing it to end user/client.

    Could you please revive it so that we could include more functionality like (review of xml docs/Liaison inputs)?
    Currently iProof 5.5 support upto TLS 1.1. So it requires allowing TLS1.2 and above to make it work fully functional later version of window and SQL server. If we could add higher version of TLS support then it will be great.

    Sunil Kumar
    Pitney Bowes Software India PVT. Ltd

  • 2.  RE: iProof a wonderful tool - can we review it

    Posted 07-08-2020 21:12
    iProof rocks - still!

    Victoria Cashion
    Distinguished Engineer, PB Tech Ladder
    Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
    Arizona USA