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EngageOne® Compose 4.4 SP10 , including Designer 6.6 SP10 now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Compose 4.4 SP10 , including Designer 6.6 SP10 now available

    Posted 01-29-2020 12:00
    The latest release of EngageOne® Compose 4.4 SP10 , including Designer 6.6 SP10 is now available.

    This includes new releases of the following products :

    • EngageOne Server 4.4 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Interactive Editor (ActiveX & Desktop App Cross-Browser) 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Designer 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Generate 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Content Author 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Key Map Generator 6.6 SP10 []

    These releases are available to download from the e-Store

    First time download ?
    - Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    Downloaded previously ?
    If you have downloaded a previous 6.6 Service Pack 9 release, the links for each product download are unchanged.
    The existing 6.6 Service Pack 9 links can be used to download the newest 6.6 SP10 release version.

    You will need to request a new 4.4 SP10 e-store download link.

    A Full list of New features and cumulative issue fixes for each product can be found in each Product's release notes available on the EngageOne Compose product documentation site.

    New in this EngageOne Server Release

    New EngageOne Server Administration user interface + Removal of Adobe Flash
    This release introduces a redesigned EngageOne Server Administration application user interface.
    With a more pleasing look and feel, the Server Admin now provides an improved modern user experience
    across all areas and removes the previous versions requirement for Adobe Flash .
    Refer to the EngageOne Administration guide for full details.

    EngageOne Server Java 11 support
    EngageOne Server is now Java 11 compliant. Refer to the Software and Hardware Requirements
    document for full details.
    IMPORTANT: When EngageOne Server is run on Java 11 Runtime, to ensure optimal performance, the following new JVM parameter:


    ..must be included in your installation's deploy.properties for specific bundle's jvm settings parameters.
    Refer to the Java Virtual Machine settings section of deploy.properties, delivered with the installation
    binaries, for detailed information.

    EngageOne Server Streamline upgrade process
    This release includes a new Server streamline upgrade method allowing you to seamlessly upgrade from the latest Server 3.1.2 release and any 4.x version of EngageOne Server.
    Refer to the EngageOne Server Installation Guide for full details.

    EngageOne Server and Generate support for Oracle Linux 7.6
    This release adds support for Oracle Linux 7.6.

    EngageOne Server Asset Promotion Command Line utility (APC)
    This release includes a new Server Asset Promotion Command line utility which allows command line import of Asset Promotion objects exported from EngageOne Server versions 4.4.7 onwards.

    EngageOne Server Patcher scripting
    Patches are issued by the support team to resolve urgent issues that may be encountered in your
    operating environment. From this release, a groovy script known as the Patcher is distributed with
    the installation media and is used to automate the process of implementing patches to EngageOne
    Server software. Refer to the EngageOne Installation Guide for detailed information.

    EngageOne Designer and Server "Bypass Output Channel Processing" renamed to "Express Batch"
    In this release, "Express Batch" is the new name for "Bypass Output Channel Processing" feature previously released in SP9.
    Note that this feature's functionality remains unchanged and that templates created in previous releases that
    use this processing method are unaffected.
    Designer Command line publish users should replace the SP9 "/BypassOutputChannel" option with new "/Express" option.

    Generate message numbers included in EngageOne Server console logs
    To facilitate troubleshooting composition issues, Generate (Doc1Gen) messages presented in either of EngageOne Server's
    composition bundle log (composition-services.log) or batch bundle log now start with the GENXXXX
    prefix.  Details and suggested actions for Generate messages can be found in the Generate Diagnostic Message guide.

    Configuring EngageOne Server Account lockout policy
    An EngageOne Server system administrator,  can now, if required, configure the account lockout
    policy by setting the appropriate option in your system's deploy.properties file. You can also unlock
    a locked-out account where appropriate. Refer to the EngageOne Administration, Installation, and
    Configuration Checklist documentation for detailed information.

    EngageOne Server reimplementation of transientSession in SOAP calls
    The EngageOne Server SOAP OpenAM transientSession flag has been reimplemented to reduce the number of concurrent
    sessions in high-load scenarios. When this flag is set to true an OpenAM session is not created.

    EngageOne Server support for colons inside service user usernames
    This release of EngageOne Server adds support to allow inclusion of the colon character in service user usernames.

    EngageOne Server Reserved/Journal output variable in single composition mode.
    Usage of EngageOne Server Reserved/Journal output variables in report files is now fully supported when NA-Batch
    is executed in single composition mode

    New in this EngageOne Designer / Generate / Interactive Editor Release

    EngageOne Interactive Editor Dynamic prompting
    The options available in the Interactive Editor for interactive prompting have been extended in this release.

    You can now:

    • Populate an interactive data/interactive variable choice list from repeated data using the new
    modify prompt logic map object.

    • Repeatedly prompt the user for a specific value and act on it using the new Prompt Loop logic map

    • Prompt for multiple options in one check-box prompt using the new Check Box choice option in
    the Interactive Data Editor

    Refer to the Designer User's Guide for detailed information on how to design and configure the new "Modify prompt" and "Prompt Loop" Design objects to create the above interactive prompts.

    EngageOne Designer Interactive Variable updates
    Designer / EngageOne Server Interactive Variables now support Field Options:
    • System Data
    • Read Only

    EngageOne Designer Interactive Variable used in Server output variables - Require updating if republished
    Due to name changes in the Designer Publish for Interactive Variables required for Data Push in this release, any EngageOne Server output variables using Designer Interactive Variables will need to be re-associated when the Designer Publication (Template) is republished.

    EngageOne Designer , Generate , Key Map Generator added support for GhostScript 9.27
    This release of Designer , DOC1MAKE command line utility and Key Map Generator adds support for GhostScript 9.27.
    To resolve a potential security issue identified in previous versions of the third party GhostScript software, EPS and PDF image / external document users are advised to upgrade to GhostScript 9.27 version which resolves the GhostScript security issue.

    EngageOne Designer Publish for EngageOne Server - Optional "Include thumbnail and PDF preview"
    This Designer release adds a new "Include thumbnail and PDF preview" option to the Publish for EngageOne wizard. This option is selected by default , but can be turned off if a published template.zip Thumbnail image and Template PDF preview are not required. This will in general speed up the Publish.
    Designer Command Line publish (DOC1Publish) users can use  "/Preview:NO" to turn off this option.
    See Designer Utilities Guide for full details.

    EngageOne Designer / Generate Plug-in charts API
    You can now integrate Designer/Generate plug-in charts with your chosen third party chart engine.
    The API link on the Designer Plug-in Chart dialog directs you to a public repository in GitHub which provides documentation,
    source code and an example of how to create your own plug-in chart engine for Designer/Generate.
    Refer to the Designer User's Guide for detailed information.

    EngageOne Designer / Generate Plug-in charts improvements
    • New Designer Plug-in Chart Data Label alignment option :"Configuration > Presentation > Configure Data Labels > Alignment" option has been added to allow Bar chart data labels to be aligned at Top, Bottom , Center, Left, or Right.
    • Plug-in Chart X and Y Axis label resolutions have been updated to use the Designer device Image resolution , leading to improved X and Y Axis label readability on all Plug-in chart supported print streams and Generate hosts.

    EngageOne Designer / Generate eHTML Fluid image resize option
    New Designer eHTML (Fluid layout only) device option Reduce image size to fit has been added to allow referenced images (e.g PNG, JPEG) to be resized when the HTML for e-Mail (eHTML) Generate output is resized in the e-mail client.

    A matching Generate OPS setting "<Advanced>eHTMLFluidReduceImagesToFit=Yes | No" can be used to update the eHTML Fluid image sizing behavior for both SP10 published resources and for pre SP10 published resources.

    EngageOne Generate Windows 64-bit utilities

    The Windows 64-bit Generate doc1gen64.zip file now has 64-bit versions of all Generate utilities (PCE, RPU, DIME, etc)
    including those previously available only in the Windows 32-bit Generate doc1host.zip.
    Windows Generate customers no longer need to extract the doc1host.zip to use any of the Windows
    Generate utilities when using a 64-bit operating system.

    Note : When using Windows DOC1MAKE 64 Bit version for External Keyed image metrics , users must use the matching 64 Bit version of GhostScript 9.27.

    EngageOne Generate Operating System minimum supported levels

    AIX 7.1
    Following vendor end of support for AIX 7.1 TL4 , the minimum Generate AIX operating system level supported for this release is
    • AIX 7.1 TL5 SP3  - i.e 7100-05-03-1838  or higher.

    RHEL / CentOS / Oracle / Suse (x64)
    Following vendor end of support for RHEL 5.x , the minimum Generate Linux x64 operating system level supported is
    Kernel 2.6.32 with glibc (C runtime library) 2.7 or higher :

    • Red Hat Enterprise / Centos Linux 6.10 (64 bit)
    • Red Hat Enterprise / Centos Linux 7.6 (64 bit)
    • Oracle Linux Enterprise Server 7.6 (64 Bit)
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 – (64-bit)

    Suse Linux (s390) - aka ZSuse/ZLinux
    Following vendor end of support for Suse Linux 10 , the minimum Generate Z/Linux operating system level is:
    • Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 (s390) 

    Windows/SQL Server and Windows Client versions
    Following vendor end of support for Windows Server 2008 R2 , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7 SP1 , the minimum supported Designer / Generate operating system level and SQL Server for this release is :

    • Windows 2012 R2 Server - With latest updates
    • Windows 8.1 - With latest updates
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP4

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom