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EngageOne® Inform 5.0.0 Product Release Now Available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Inform 5.0.0 Product Release Now Available

    Posted 01-30-2020 12:15
    Edited by Thad Wellington 01-31-2020 13:57

    EngageOne ® Inform release 5.0.0 highlights

    EngageOne® Inform is available in the US only**

    On-demand availability

    This release of EngageOne Inform is only available as a hosted version of the application. Operational and maintenance activities are managed centrally in our dedicated environment. Contact our customer service group to obtain appropriate credentials and access information.

    Data manager - Home page data visualization

    Upon logging in to Inform Data Manager, you'll be presented with a new, fully interactive Mailing Summary dashboard.

    Mailing Summary Dashboard

    Each view (or chart) answers a different question:

    • How many mailpieces delivered each day?
    • How long has the mail travelled?
    • About how accurate is my mailing list (requires Address Change Service data)?
    • How much mail has delivered to each area and how long did it take?

    Taken together, the different views in the Mailing Summary dashboard allow you to quickly see, understand, and act on the performance of your recent mailings.

    Not enough detail shown in each view? You can also export the data (using the "…") for further exploration and analysis.

    Export the details

    For mailings using Address Change Service (ACS), the second tab of the dashboard shows details on the volume of mail that did not arrive as addressed.

    Address Change Service

    Advanced job search capability

    The Mailing Summary dashboard allows you to select which job you need to review. But if you have more than a few jobs, the drop list can be difficult to sort through. The advanced search adds extended search capabilities for your jobs with the following options:

    • Organization Name
    • Mailing Name
    • Mailing Date

    Refer to the EngageOne™ Inform User's Guide for detailed information.

    Start the clock information using Informed Visibility

    This release uses Start the Clock data from Informed Visibility to provide the most up to date information.

    Generic data feed

    Unlike the on-premise version of Inform (4.2.x), Inform On-Demand (5.0) does not allow for direct access to the Data Manager database. With this release, you can now access that data through daily extracts in CSV format for each of the following:

    • Outbound mailpiece tracking
    • Inbound mailpiece tracking
    • ACS-Change of Address
    • ACS-Nixie

    Details on the available fields can be found on the Inform support page. Contact our Professional Services team for access to the extracts or to create custom extracts tailor-fit for your projects.


    Once you've had a chance to dig into the new dashboard, let us know what you think!

    Thad Wellington
    Product Manager - EngageOne Inform
    Pitney Bowes Inc

    **EngageOne® Inform is based on United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking data. Mailpiece tracking outside the US is not currently available.