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EngageOne® Designer/ Generate / Content Author v6.6 SP10 Release Update [ ] now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Designer/ Generate / Content Author v6.6 SP10 Release Update [ ] now available

    Posted 03-13-2020 13:24
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    Updated EngageOne® Designer, EngageOne® Generate,  EngageOne® Content Author and EngageOne® Interactive Editor v6.6 SP10 versions are now available

    The latest cumulative release update versions [] are now available to download from our e-Store.

    This includes new releases of the following products :

    • EngageOne Content Author 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Interactive Editor (ActiveX & Desktop App Cross-Browser) 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Designer 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Generate 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Key Map Generator 6.6 SP10 []

    First time download ?
    - Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    Downloaded previously ?
    If you have downloaded a previous 6.6 Service Pack 9 or 10 release, the links for each product download are unchanged.
    The existing Service Pack 9 / 10 links can be used to download the newest release version.

    The list of all 6.6.x fixes to date, including those new in this release, can be viewed  in the  "Software changes in this release" PDF file attached to this release announcement or from the Compose documentation site :
    Software changes in this release (New Window)

    Download failure ?

    In case of download failures , please e-mail a report of the issue to PB Fulfillment here -> :  Fulfillment team

    New in this EngageOne Designer / Generate / Content Author / Interactive Editor Release

    EngageOne® Designer - PDF Publish compliance with Microsoft Edge for Unicode based languages
    Designer Publish for PDF has been updated for the following languages :
    • Design editor "Unicode Language"
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Arabic
    • Thai
    .. so that the published PDF "Character Identifier font / Character Map" (CID /CMap) fonts now adhere to the PDF Character Map specification.

    This means that republishing the above and all other "Unicode" based languages :
    • Generate PDF output will now display these languages correctly when using "Strict PDF Standard" PDF Readers such as Microsoft Edge.
    • Will allow successful validation against the PDF/A-1b standard, when the "PDF/A" Designer PDF device option is enabled.

    Windows 10 Note :
    Current Windows 10 / Server 2016 font versions such as "Arial" and "Calibri-Light"  when published to Unicode languages may fail PDF/A-1b validation due to changes in these Microsoft fonts. In such cases please source stable PDF/A compliant fonts from other font vendors.

    EngageOne® Generate - PDF/A conformance for "Identity-H" Unicode language resources
    Generate PDF Output for PDF resources published for the above Unicode based languages using Designer PDF device "PDF/A" and "Identity-H" options will now validate against the PDF/A-1b standard.

    EngageOne® Generate - Enhanced error reporting for missing images
    Generate has been updated so that the previous misleading "image metric not found" abort is no longer reported. 
    New Generate abort messages have been added for this scenario :

    • Where the Image name is known and can be reported ;
      • GEN0778A - Reporting Image Name, Format,  Resolution , Width, Height and Version GUID
    • Where the Image name and attributes are unknown and cannot be reported ;
      • GEN0779A -  Reporting Image version GUID only
    Refer to the Diagnostic Message Guide supplied with this release for full details on these new , improved messages and subsequent suggested actions.

    EngageOne® Interactive and Content Author Editors - Digital Certificate updated to March 2022
    EngageOne Interactive (ActiveX and Desktop App versions) and Content Author (Activex) Editor Digital signatures have been updated to March 2022. 

    EngageOne® Designer and Content Author - Publish update to add optional Font name Diagnostics
    This release of Designer and Content Author introduces a new Publish Font name tracing Diagnostic option on supported Windows 64 bit Operating Systems :
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Group1\DOC1 Series]

    - Enabling this option produces full Font name information of the font actually used for the Publish such as Name ,Style,etc  in the "AddDesignMetrics" section of the Designer and Content Author publish logs.

    EngageOne® Designer - Repository Configuration Tool SQL credentials "Hyphen" support
    Designer Repository Configuration Tool / Application Server / SQL Server credentials has been updated to support SQL Server user credentials containing a Hyphen character.

    EngageOne® Designer / Generate - Plug in chart support for empty String variables
    Designer and Generate Plug in charts now support empty String variables, the use of which now displays correctly.

    EngageOne® Generate - Added support for PostScript Line drawing QRCode Barcodes on Z/OS
    This release adds support for Generate PostScript Line drawing QRCode barcodes on Z/OS.

    EngageOne® Generate - Windows PCE update for multiple AFP input file handling
    Windows PCE (32 and 64 Bit) has been updated to correct an issue whereby changes to the order of input AFP Files could produce incorrect number of AFP output pages.

    EngageOne® Server \ Generate - Server Batch processing update for Rotated Images in Multiple documents
    Generate handling of Design Rotated objects(e.g images) within EngageOne Server Batch processing of multiple intermediate (ONH) documents has been updated to allow Generate to complete and produce valid composed output.

    EngageOne® Interactive Editor - Prompt loop updates
    Multiple Interactive Editor updates for Prompt Loops are available in this release.
    Refer to the "Software issues in this release" document attached.

    Withdrawn support - EngageOne® Generate on Z/Linux (Linux s390)
    Following end of support for all EngageOne Server 3.x versions in 2019, support for Generate on Z/Linux (Linux s390) is withdrawn with immediate effect.

    Note - This refers to  the Z/Suse (aka Z/Linux) Generate distribution "zlnx\doc1zlnxhost.tar" only .
    Support for Suse Linux x64 versions is unaffected.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom