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EngageOne Designer/ Generate / Interactive Editors v6.6 SP10 Release Update 4 [ ] now available

  • 1.  EngageOne Designer/ Generate / Interactive Editors v6.6 SP10 Release Update 4 [ ] now available

    Posted 06-26-2020 13:28
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    Updated EngageOne Designer, Generate, Interactive Editors v6.6 SP10 versions are now available

    The latest cumulative release update versions [] are now available to download from our e-Store.

    This includes new releases of the following products :

    • EngageOne Designer 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Interactive Editors (ActiveX & Desktop App Cross-Browser) 6.6 SP10 []
    • EngageOne Generate 6.6 SP10 (Windows, AIX, Linux x64, Solaris, Z/OS) []
    • EngageOne Key Map Generator 6.6 SP10 []

    Note :

    • EngageOne Content Author 6.6 SP10 remains at previous release update level []

    First time download ?
    - Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    Downloaded previously ?
    If you have downloaded a previous 6.6 Service Pack 9 or 10 release, the links for each product download are unchanged.
    The existing Service Pack 9 / 10 links can be used to download the newest release version.

    The list of all 6.6.x fixes to date, including those new in this release, can be viewed in the  "Software changes in this release"  here  and in the PDF file attached to this release announcement.

    Download failure ?

    In case of download failures , please e-mail a report of the issue to PB Fulfillment here -> :  Fulfillment team

    New in this EngageOne Designer / Generate / Interactive Editors Release

    EngageOne Interactive Editor - Important Update for Templates containing Images, etc within Design Paragraghs and Editable text

    • This Interactive Editor (ActiveX and Editor App) release corrects an Issue whereby previous - Interactive Editors did not save the following Design objects when contained within Design Paragraphs;
      • Images
      • Text Boxes
      • Address Blocks
      • Other Shape objects such as Box, Line, etc

    .. when used in Templates which also contained Editable text. The above objects failed to appear in the resulting Generate output.

    • Interactive Customers are advised to review their composed output and upgrade to the updated Interactive Editor if affected by this issue.

    EngageOne Designer - Support for Publication Editor "Document Interchange Journal" (DIJ) "Statement Date" Data alias

    • Designer Publication Editor has been updated to add support for Data Field / Data Alias used in DIJ "Statement Date".
    • Designer versions prior to this release may terminate unexpectedly or fail to save Publications correctly when saving Data Alias in DIJ "Statement Date".

    EngageOne Designer / Generate - Support for more than 500 characters in QR Code Barcode

    • Designer and Generate QR Code barcodes for Standard, Font Scaling and Line Drawing modes have been updated to produce expected output when using more than 500 characters
    • Prior Generate versions QR Code barcodes with more than 500 characters produced incorrect characters beyond 500 or terminated unexpectedly.

    EngageOne Designer updates for PDF and EPS External documents

    EngageOne Designer Publication editor has been updated to cater for :

    • Copy / Paste of an existing External document within the Publication editor
    • Manual insertion of a new External document reference, where that External document exists elsewhere in the Publication editor logic
    • Improved 240dpi External document Design image resolution for improved readability - Note , this update requires the localcache to be cleared and Design Editor reopened, in order to regenerate the improved image resolution.

    EngageOne Generate (DOC1RPU) update for Adding AFP Image Page Segment structures

    • This release of EngageOne Generate Resource Processing Utility (DOC1RPU) adds support for the following DOC1RPU INI file option :


    UsePageSegment = TRUE ; Values TRUE | FALSE , Default FALSE

    .. to wrap the raw Designer / Content Author published FS45 AFP colour image inside Begin Page Segment (BPS) and End Page Segment (EPS) AFP records.

    This enables the DOC1RPU extracted Page Segment (PSG) Images to be imported onto an AFP print server image library and print correctly.

    EngageOne Generate (DOC1PCE) update for Designer HIP and Content Author HIM resources

    • EngageOne Generate Post Composition Engine (DOC1PCE) has been corrected to resolve an issue when reading resources from Large Designer published HIP and Content Author HIM
    • Previous DOC1PCE versions + could terminate unexpectedly for some large applications.

    EngageOne Generate support for Suse Linux 12 (x64)

    • This release adds support for Generate Linux x64 execution on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 platform using the doc1lnx64host.tar distribution.

    EngageOne Generate support for RHEL 7.7 (x64)

    • This release adds support for Generate Linux x64 execution on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.7 platform using the doc1lnx64host.tar distribution.

    Withdrawn support

    This release no longer supports the following older Operating System level :

    SUN Solaris (SPARC) 10.x  - support ends

    Replaced by Oracle Solaris 11.1 onwards

    In most cases Generate may run on the older (mostly non vendor supported) Operating system level, but is not guaranteed, and not supported. Customers should migrate to the later Operating system levels, at or above the minimum replacement level shown above.

    Advance Withdrawal notice - End of life for DOC1PCE from 6.6 SP11 onwards
    With the release of 6.6 Service Pack 11 later in 2020, support for DOC1PCE on all versions will end.

    What does this mean ?
    All DOC1PCE updates from all previous releases will be consolidated in the 6.6 Service Pack 11 release.

    - No further issue fix updates will be released in future releases, except at the sole discretion of Product management.

    - DOC1PCE will continue to be released at the 6.6 Service Pack 11 level of functionality in future releases.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom