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  • 1.  Multiple Designer Instances on one Computer

    Posted 11-11-2020 13:24
    ​I was looking through the community, but I didn't find a matching article (not sure, it is even possible):

    Is there a way, to install multiple different versions of DOC1 / EngageOne Designer clients on one computer.

    For example: I have a 6.6.10 client, that connects to a backend server, but I'd also like to install a standalone version of Designer 6.0.2575.

    Daniel Friedrich
    United Health Care
    Duncan SC

  • 2.  RE: Multiple Designer Instances on one Computer

    Posted 11-16-2020 13:41
    Hi Daniel.

    Installing multiple Designer Server / Clients from different versions is not possible due to common DOC1 / EngageOne Designer :
    - Installation product codes,
    - Server and Client Service registrations

    ..meaning an earlier Designer version such as an older 6.0 version quoted won't install when a later 6.x version has already been installed.

    This also applies to the other EngageOne product components that use an installer , such as
    - Content Author
    - Interactive Editor (ActiveX and Editor App)
    - Key Map Generator

    It does not apply to EngageOne Generate as these do not have the above dependencies, so you can have as many Generate versions installed in separate directories as you like.

    If you would like to vote for this feature in a future release, please logon to the Precisely ideas portal :


    .. and vote for it if it has already been raised or raise it.

    Best wishes.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Designer / Generate

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom