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Alpha release of MapInfo Pro v2019.3

  • 1.  Alpha release of MapInfo Pro v2019.3

    Posted 09-09-2020 03:26

    We have just posted a download link to an Alpha version of the upcoming MapInfo Pro v2019.3 in the MapInfo Lab.

    The MapInfo Lab is where we discuss the next version of MapInfo Pro and give users early access to try out the new features and provide us feedback. The MapInfo Lab is open to existing customers. If you don't have access reach out to me, @Andrei Veselov or @Patrick Collins, or write a comment to this post. We will then give you access.

    This version includes rebranding changes from PB to Precisely. We also have been plugging away in several areas with some cool new capabilities and have fixed many customer-reported issues, including bugs, memory leaks, and performance issues.

    The improvements in MapInfo Pro v2019.3 include amongst other things:

    • Support for Python scripts in the SQL Window

    • Variables for SQL Window - When using the SQL window, you can now define one or more variables via a dialog that can be used in your script. When the script is run, the user is prompted to enter the values such as a Table, Column, Layer, string, number, coordsys, etc.

    • MapInfo Pro Advanced - 3 new tools (Surface Analysis, Tree Canopy Analysis,  Free Surface Analysis), and other improvements.

    • New interactive Python Window with IntelliSense and highlighting

      • A Complete .NET and Python object model for Maps, Layers, and Themes

      • A way to easily construct an Input dialog for Python and .NET developers

      If you want to try out the upcoming release and provide some feedback to use, head over to the MapInfo Lab and download the installer.

      Have fun!

      Peter Horsbøll Møller
      Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
      Precisely | Trust in Data