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  • 1.  MapBasic "Objects Snap" warning crashes MBX

    Posted 12-02-2020 14:00
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    I am trying to use Objects Snap to thin nodes from polygons in MapBasic, and when small islands/holes in the polygon will be removed I get an error message: 

    (code.mb:1354) Warning: Object(s) removed during Thin operation.

    The objects are correctly thinned, but the .MBX crashes at this point, even with an onerror -> resume next. My function operates on the current selection. I have attached a table with a polygon that leads to the problem. Here is my function:

    function generalize(as logical
        dim rc as logical
        onerror goto recover
        rc = false
        call debug("smoothing")
        Create Object As Union From Selection Into Table Cosmetic1
        Objects Snap From Selection Tolerance Node 50 Vector 50 Units "m" Thin Bend 50 Distance 50 Units "m"
        rc = true
        generalize = rc
        exit function
            resume next
    end function

    Any thoughts on how to avoid / trap the warning without crashing? Thanks!

    Sean Loos


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  • 2.  RE: MapBasic "Objects Snap" warning crashes MBX

    Posted 02-24-2021 04:58
    Hi Sean

    I got this response from Bill, one of the MapInfo Pro developers back in December but never got to posting it here. Sorry about that.

    I tried this out and it does not crash and the error (actually a warning of sorts - even though MIPro does not have warnings) is trapped and resumed. 

    Code provided below.

    Error is likely coming from the call to debug(), which he did not provide, so it's commented out here.


    Include "MapBasic.def"


    declare sub main

    declare function generalize() as logical


    sub main

    onerror goto Errortrap


    Open table ApplicationDirectory$() & ""

    Map from AnnArbor

    Select * from AnnArbor

    if generalize() = TRUE then

         note "Thinned"


         note "Failed"

    end if


    exit sub


    note "Main: " & Err() & ": " & Error$()

    resume next

    end sub


    function generalize() as logical

        dim rc as logical

        onerror goto recover

        rc = false

        'call debug("smoothing")

        Create Object As Union From Selection Into Table Cosmetic1

        Objects Snap From Selection Tolerance Node 50 Vector 50 Units "m" Thin Bend 50 Distance 50 Units "m"

        rc = true

        generalize = rc

        exit function


                    note "generalize: " & Err() & ": " & Error$()

            resume next

    end function

    Let us know if this helps you out​

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data