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  • 1.  Updating Symbols Size

    Posted 06-17-2020 17:20

    We have a layer with differents points objets.
    We only want to update all symbols in only one sentence, but only the size.

    For example Update all symbols 5 points more.

    I need the same but in MapXtreme

    Any one can help me?

    Thank you

    Alejandro Hernandez
    Information Technology & Services
    ITS SA (GBD)
    Buenos Aires

  • 2.  RE: Updating Symbols Size

    Posted 08-12-2020 02:35
    Hi Alejandro,

    I would like to understand how the styles have been applied to Point objects in a layer.
    Is it Individual Value theme or some other way?
    One can use to traverse the geometries and work as follows
    foreach (Feature ftr in irfc) foreach (Feature ftr in irfc)
    double x = (double)ftr["xcoord"];
    double y = (double)ftr["ycoord"];
    int j = (int)ftr["id"];
    MapInfo.Geometry.FeatureGeometry g = new MapInfo.Geometry.Point(map.GetDisplayCoordSys(), x, y);
    MapInfo.Styles.SimpleVectorPointStyle vs = new MapInfo.Styles.SimpleVectorPointStyle(); MapInfo.Styles.CompositeStyle cs = new MapInfo.Styles.CompositeStyle(null, null, null, vs);
    Feature f = new Feature(g, cs);
    MICommand comm = conn.CreateCommand();
    comm.CommandText = "update " + ti.Alias + " set MI_Style = @style where id= '" + j + "'"; comm.Parameters.Add("@obj", f.Geometry); comm.Parameters.Add("@style", f.Style);
    int i = comm.ExecuteNonQuery();

    Dinesh Ahuja