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  • 1.  WMS-Labellayer in MapXtreme 9

    Posted 09-23-2021 10:31


    I have problem showing labellayers when creating WMS-layers on my WMS-server.

    To show ordinary features i use this:

    <mxp-wms:WmsLayer queryable="false">
    <mxp:FeatureLayer id="id8" name="Inside_kommunikationsnoder" alias="Inside_kommunikationsnoder" volatile="unknown">
    <mxp:Visibility visible="true">
    <mxp:VisibleRange enabled="false">
    <mxp:ZoomRange uom="mapinfo:length mi" minInclusive="true" maxInclusive="false">0 0</mxp:ZoomRange>
    <mxp:DataSourceRef ref="id3" />

    How do I create a labellayer to this layer?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike - Hawkeye Computing

    Mikael Johansson
    Hawkeye Computing AB (OEM)

  • 2.  RE: WMS-Labellayer in MapXtreme 9

    Posted 10-12-2021 09:33
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    Hi Mikael,

    You can use the MWS file to create a valid wms config file containing Labels. 
    Open a tab file in Workspace manager. Apply labels. Save the mws file. Open the created mws file in Notepad and see all the tags are available. These tags needs to be converted to WMS schema. You can refer to the Developer Guide pdf for reference which comes with mapXtreme installation.
    Refer to "Using a MapXtreme Workspace to Build a WMS Configuration File" section in "MapXtreme_DeveloperGuide.pdf", which can be found at installation path.

    Hope that answers your query.

    Dinesh Ahuja


    MapXtreme_DeveloperGuide.pdf   9.29 MB 1 version

  • 3.  RE: WMS-Labellayer in MapXtreme 9

    Posted 10-13-2021 05:43

    Thank you for your answare. I cant get it to work thou.

    Do ALL the tags in the wms-file be of the type <mxp:> or just the layer once?

    Do you have a whole examplelfile of a .wms-file that is correct configurated with a label layer?

    Thank you in advance,

    Mike - Hawkeye Compuitng 

    Mikael Johansson
    Hawkeye Computing AB (OEM)