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EFAL library - location of work data

  • 1.  EFAL library - location of work data

    Posted 03-03-2020 12:35

    we are using the EFAL library to access MapInfo data layer files.

    EFAL needs a bunch of data files like projection files. Currently this data files have to be placed in the current directory of the calling process.

    The issue with this is, one may not be able to guarantee the running process will stay in the same current directory during its whole lifetime. So it would be better if it was possible to specify the absolute path of the EFAL data directory independent from the current working directory.

    We already talked to the Pitney Bowes support. They confirmed this is currently a missing feature.

    One possibility would be a new API call like EFALSetDataDirectory() to configure this path for the EFAL library.
    Another conceivable possibility would be an environment variable like e.g. EFAL_DATA_DIR.

    What do you think?

    Martin Fuchs
    Mentopolis CSC GmbH