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Spectrum Spatial for Big Data 4.0 Release #BigData #CloudNative

  • 1.  Spectrum Spatial for Big Data 4.0 Release #BigData #CloudNative

    Posted 02-24-2020 12:03

    #BigData #CloudNative

    I'm pleased to announce the release of Spectrum Spatial for Big Data 4.0. This release has new features to increase ease of use, container performance and help your organization take better advantage of geocoding, spatial processing and routing in Big Data and Cloud Native environments.

    Spectrum Geocoding for Big Data

    Simplified Configuration

    • Provides automatic detection of the OS-specific binary in both Hive and Spark. Configuring the geocoding resources now only requires setting a single new parameter.

    Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data

    New Download Manager API

    • Saves time by giving you the ability to manage reference data via API calls instead of manually installing files on all your machines in your cluster.

    New Point-to-Point Spatial Joins by Distance

    • Easily enrich point data with another point dataset using the new JoinByDistance function for Spark's Dataframe. For example, you can find the five closest points of interest to each of your customers within a thousand feet.

    Spectrum Routing for Big Data

    Simplified Management of Reference Data

    • Saves time by automatically downloading data placed in HDFS or S3 for Spark routing operations, and then distributes data to each node in your cluster.

    New Option for Specifying Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

    • Allows generating routes that consider the height, weight, length, and type of vehicle.

    New Option to Avoid Toll Roads

    • Minimizes the number of toll roads when calculating the routes.


    Thank you for using Spectrum Spatial for Big Data,


    Lamont Norman
    Senior Product Manager, Big Data and Cloud Native
    Pitney Bowes
    Boulder, CO

    Lamont Norman
    Boulder CO