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  • 1.  Address point interpolation ?

    Posted 12-10-2019 09:16

    Hi Geocoding community !
    When we geocode with AddressPoint DB like FR4 some address points are sometimes missing. By default the GlobalGeocode component will propose an S8- result providing the "best" candidate whatever the parity is (closest house number - nothing to do with spatial).

    In the following example, Address Point 26 RUE LOUIS BOURDON is missing in FR4 dataset while 24, 25 and 28 are available. When we try to geocode this address with a relaxed setting, we will get S8- result with the 25 RUE LOUIS BOURDON geocode.

    Would the "Address point interpolation" option in GG interpolate the geocode between the 24 and 28 points instead to provide a better location, keeping the same street parity ?



    Eric Hubert
    Solution consultant
    Pitney Bowes Software France
    Levallois Perret

  • 2.  RE: Address point interpolation ?

    Posted 12-11-2019 08:18
    Hi Eric,

    For geocoding and address validation the most important part of selecting a good result has to do with how well the input matches to our reference data sets.  The geocoder will evaluate candidates from each data set and return the candidate that matches the best. The geocode location (point vs address interpolation) for each each candidate is not part of the matching evaluation process.

    Does this answer help explain the match process better ?

    If you would like a more specific answer for this example, we can also review the address in a support case



    Jeff Rueger
    Troy NY