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Do you use APN & Elevation in the US?

  • 1.  Do you use APN & Elevation in the US?

    Posted 12-11-2019 15:25
    Edited by Ellene Duffy 12-11-2019 16:33
    ​APN & Elevation outputs have always been optional outputs when using Centrus Points data.  As of the upcoming Spectrum 19.1 release, APN & Elevation, as well as some additional address-based, attributes, are available with Master Location Data (MLD).  Rather than having to run additional stages to return these critical pieces of information, they are now available as outputs of the forward geocoding process.​

    If you're already running data flows that use Centrus Points with APN and/or Elevation outputs, the transition is as simple as loading up the Master Location Data with Extended Attributes.  You will automatically get APN and/or Elevation values when you match to an address in the MLD dataset.  No additional configuration is required!

    Ellene Duffy
    Technical Product Manager
    Boulder CO