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CAB Insights: Introducing Match Score

  • 1.  CAB Insights: Introducing Match Score

    Posted 09-12-2019 10:00

    Kicking off the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) insights with a great new feature: Match Score! This was added to Spectrum’s Global Geocoding Module (GGM) latest patch release (CDQ 2018.2.S14)


    Match Score lets you quickly identify whether an address is a perfect match or questionable with a 1-100 score. It’s used to better indicate what parts of an address were changed to make the match. The fields that are checked include: street name, house number, directional, street type, unit number, place name, postal code, and area names 1, 3, and 4. A lower match score indicates many input fields were changed.


    Read more about it in the CDQ 2018.2.S14 release notes or download the patch. How would you use match score?

    Adam Czarnik
    Pitney Bowes Inc
    Stamford CT