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Pitney Bowes Geocoding - directly within Arc!

  • 1.  Pitney Bowes Geocoding - directly within Arc!

    Posted 08-02-2019 15:52

    I was in San Diego last month for the annual Pitney Bowes FreeYourGIS event that just so happens to overlap with the Esri User Conference 😊. The single most popular topic among attendees of the event was our new "Geocoding Connector for ArcGIS®". This new solution enables Pitney Bowes geocoding directly within Esri ArcGIS® environments and brings together two world-class solutions - Pitney Bowes geocoding and Esri ArcGIS. Interest in the Geocoding Connector for ArcGIS® did not stop in San Diego. I receive questions about the solution from colleagues almost daily. With such a high-level of interest, I wanted to shed light on the topic with this community. To give you a little more background, I've provided a matrix of which Pitney Bowes geocoding solutions work with the various "flavors" of ArcGIS. I also have a short clip from a demo my colleague @Jeff Rueger recently gave. This clip is exclusive for members of the Knowledge Communities, and you can view it by clicking here.

    From my point of view, the primary value that the Geocoding Connector for ArcGIS® brings to an organization is consistency and confidence in their geocoding results across systems and departments. I've received lots of feedback on the solution already, but I'm keen to hear more from you. What are your thoughts? How would a solution like this enhance or improve processes within your business? Besides MapInfo and ArcGIS, what other GIS platforms would you like to see the Geocoding Connector integrate with? Smallword? QGIS? Or??

    This matrix shows which Pitney Bowes geocoding solutions work with various ArcGIS offerings.

    Nathan Pinder
    Product Manager, Geocoding
    Boulder CO