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  • 1.  List of Error Messages and criticality

    Posted 09-14-2021 09:38

    In the error logs there are many types of errors, but not all errors are created equal.  Some shouldn't be errors as the system is functioning properly.  E.g. the user may not be able to do something because they're making a mistake.  Arguably those could be noted as INFO.  Here's a typical error:

    ERROR (WebContainer : 294) [com.infogix.component.reconciliation.ent.impl.recondata.UserFunctionHandler].[assignEntities]: #RECON004: Cannot update data because it is out of date

    Is there a list of the errors and their criticality?  This could be by the type and number (in this case WebContainer : 294) or it could be the text.  I'd like to verify that we're creating incidents for those errors that indicate serious batch processing failures.  E.g. in log-action.log there's the message, FATAL [Control Failed].  In the *-igx.log files we have "Unable to commit batch operation" and "Operation not possible as MessageStore is unavailable".

    If anyone is willing to share their list of expressions that automatically create incidents, I'd appreciate seeing that.  If there's an interest, I can share those that we've noted as well.

  • 2.  RE: List of Error Messages and criticality

    Posted 09-15-2021 04:42

    Hi Jeff,

    Within Assure's "global help" screen, there is a "troubleshooting" section that details a few. Additionally, the following page may be a good resource for the team on common returns :

    Error Codes - Infogix

    If any return codes cause the team concern, feel free to reach out to Infogix support for assistance.

    Matthew Kennedy