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  • 1.  Allowing duplicate IDs

    Posted 06-08-2021 08:20


    My requirement is to reconcile the transactional data and the reference data. I have the reference data values in both the layouts (Transactional & Reference table). As you see my transactional layout will have duplicates for the reference data as it will repeat for different transactions. I want to create a B&R to check and confirm the reference data in the transactional data is present in the reference table. If they are there then I will flag it as PASS else flag it as FAIL. 

    Transactional Data:

    ID RefData1 RefData2

    1   a                 b

    2   a                 b

    3  a                  c

    4  s                   d


    Reference data:

    RefData1   RefData2

    a                 b

    a                 c


    My B&R report will have the Transactional table ID column and the status of the reconciliation. 


    1         True

    2         True

    3          True

    4         False

    I have defined RefData1 & RefData2 as ID columns in my control. Since the rows 1,2,3 have the same ID it automatically suppress them and gave me only 1 row in my report. 

    How can I make it allow the duplicate IDs achieve the report as per my requirement?



    Aasif. K


  • 2.  RE: Allowing duplicate IDs

    Posted 09-24-2021 10:41

    Hi Aasif,

    Reading through the requirements, you may be OK by simply adding a third identifier field ( simple counter, etc.. ). If after adding this the output is still not reflecting what the team is looking for, feel free to open a support case so we may review options together.

    Matthew Kennedy