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  • 1.  Production Depolyment of controls

    Posted 04-21-2021 06:37

    Dear Infogix Team,

    When we try to import the controls from lower environment to production environment it is asking us to delete the existing control before importing it. There are few controls which are running in production for sometime and they have history. As per our audit requirement we need to maintain the history for 7 years. Deleting the controls is also removing the history of the control runs/reports. Is there anyway we can just overwrite a control without deleting it first? We don't have this issue in the lower environment but only in Pre-Prod & Prod environment. Is this just access issue? What kind of role is required to fix this issue?

  • 2.  RE: Production Depolyment of controls

    Posted 04-21-2021 06:44

    This is caused by unique controls in different environments sharing the same name. "Control A" in Environment 1 will be assigned its own UUID behind-the-scenes, and another control also named "Control A" in Environment 2 will get assigned a separate UUID behind-the-scenes. When an import occurs, it sees that the UUIDs are different but the names are the same and prevents the import from overriding a potentially different control.

    If "Control A" was imported into Environment 2 first, then the UUID would transfer and import/exports between the two environments can occur as expected. The full details are in this article: How to Import Controls with the same name in Assure – Infogix.

    The best way would be to leave the production control as-is, delete the control in the lower environment, export from production to a lower environment so that the UUIDs match, make the necessary changes in the lower environment and then export/import the changes back into production.