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  • 1.  Enhance 'Display in Column' option

    Posted 11-12-2021 12:19

    The Display in Column feature has been a great addition to Govern for allowing Admins to make better use of blank space. However it is still a bit lacking in terms of controlling the dimensions of the columns. In order to control how my rows and columns appear today, I have to either make sure to use a non-column attribute in between my rows, or use what I'm calling a "Null Divider" to ensure blank entries that are always hidden keep my rows breaking at the point I want them to. Using Categories would be another option, but that introduces the Expand/Collapse element into the display, and also limits the order in which fields can be displayed, so that method isn't always desirable. 

    I would like to see some additional capabilities, such as a Max Column Limit or Row Organization where you could assign fields to specific rows within General or any other category. Or something along those lines that people cleverer than me come up with ;)



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  • 2.  RE: Enhance 'Display in Column' option

    Posted 11-19-2021 07:43

    Hi Justin,

    This request has an enhancement made and is currently under review ( reference : GOV-16094 ).

    Matthew Kennedy

  • 3.  RE: Enhance 'Display in Column' option

    Posted 02-14-2023 11:00

    Did anything ever happen with this? The lack of flexibility around the column options is really frustrating and being able to have multiple rows of columns that are flexible within categories seems like such a reasonable requirement. 

    I am currently having to use a similar approach to Justin with dividers and it is far from ideal. 

    Peter Carroll
    Perrigo Company

  • 4.  RE: Enhance 'Display in Column' option

    Posted 11-19-2021 08:48

    Thank you