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  • 1.  Display Relationship metadata on Lineage Diagram joins

    Posted 05-09-2022 00:22


    For a very long time in Govern you have been able to capture information about a relationship on the relationship itself. This has been a feature we have been using for some time.

    Since the improvements to the relationship tab you can now see this information much more clearly, even if the fields aren't listable, which is a great improvement and is helping our users to really understand to importance of capturing this data.

    One piece of information we capture of a number of technical (basic lineage) relationships is the reference number of the governance documents that have been approved to allow that movement of data from one physical container to another.

    It would be amazing to display this information of a lineage diagram, (even using the side panel to display it) when you click on the line joining the 2 objects.

    This even more powerful if a user could display ALL join information at the same time on a diagram. The lineage map when then show a user if any of the data flows have missing documentation and allow the user to raise that as a risk. 

    Displaying an end to end lineage map, with ever hop showing that it is governed would be a great way to engage with wider compliance and risk teams and a very easy way to demonstrate to product teams and internal audit that the correct controls are in place.

    Adding colour coding based on rules could be the next step as well as reporting on the information captured on a join as this can't actually be seen holistically in Govern today.


  • 2.  RE: Display Relationship metadata on Lineage Diagram joins

    Posted 05-09-2022 01:17



    I already made this request some time ago (#88408) ... it was 2 years ago :-) and I still think it would be a great improvement :-)


  • 3.  RE: Display Relationship metadata on Lineage Diagram joins

    Posted 05-09-2022 01:24

    Hi JP,

    I remember your ticket. We actually stopped using the meta-data on the relationships as much as we had planned due to this functionality not being there.

    I'm hoping that the update to the relationship tab will prompt others (like ourselves) to re-visit capturing the data on the join and get some traction on making this happen. Its much easier to see the fields now.

    As a central data office, being able to provide a product by product Lineage diagram showing we are in control of the data flows would be a really powerful image.

  • 4.  RE: Display Relationship metadata on Lineage Diagram joins

    Posted 05-09-2022 01:58

    Hi John and Jean-Paul,

    I added a note to the aforementioned ticket to ensure the team's continued interest is known ( Reference : GOV-9832 )

    Matthew Kennedy