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  • 1.  Comment ordering enhancement and replying to a reply

    Posted 04-22-2022 05:25

    Could we have an enhancement to comments replies that allows us to order replies so the newest reply appears at the bottom as opposed to the top so it maintains a more natural dialogue look? Once an initial question has been asked we encourage users to reply to that comment with their response, however because in the replies all comments are ordered top down newest to oldest reading through the replies does not feel like the natural order you would expect to the resulting dialogue in. This request is specifically related to comment replies threads.

    Additionally it would be great to have the option to reply to a reply so any back and forth happening in the comment thread can be easily tracked/followed. Possibly with the reply quoting or in some way linking to the comment it is a reply to so we don't require and additional level of nesting.

  • 2.  RE: Comment ordering enhancement and replying to a reply

    Posted 04-25-2022 11:54

    Hi Robert,

    I have opened an enhancement request for this on your behalf ( Reference : GOV-18074 )

    Matthew Kennedy