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  • 1.  Infogix Security and Security Reports

    Posted 05-10-2022 15:26


    We have the following questions regarding the Infogix site and the security roles being used.

    1. As part of our Infogix Recon implementation, users who are also Admins are supposed to be prompted for 2FA. But, I am listed as an Admin and I am not being prompted for 2FA (my email is Is there something that must be configured by Infogix so I am prompted for 2FA?

    2. We have a Power User group in our Production environment and we would like to know if users within this group can also be setup for 2FA. How can the users in this group have 2FA enabled?

    3. We would like to know if Infogix would be able to provide a monthly report on who is deploying code changes into Production. Is there a log/report that we can access? Would you be able to send the report via email every month?

    4. Currently, whenever a person requests access to Infogix their name and email are automatically saved into the user table. I understand that they are not "claimed" or "enabled" at this point but they are added into the user table. Can this automated user entry process be removed? Can we have it so the Admin manually enters a user name and email into the user table?

  • 2.  RE: Infogix Security and Security Reports

    Posted 05-17-2022 05:38

    Hi David,

    I see there is a support case opened ( #300174 ) to assist in this request

    Matthew Kennedy