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How do I earn a profile badge?

  • 1.  How do I earn a profile badge?

    Community Manager
    Posted 11-19-2019 09:34

    Have you noticed some nifty stickers on your Achievements page? Or maybe you've made a connection on the site and saw that your new friend has hit some pretty cool milestones. This FAQ is all about those enviable images, which we call Badges.


    There is a variety of Badges that can be obtained through a variety of actions on the site. This FAQ will be updated as new badges are made, so check back here if you're not sure how to get a Badge.


    Some Badges are special and are only awarded during limited times or for secret reasons.


    Do you have an idea for a badge? Suggest it below! If your suggestion becomes a badge, you may even get a special secret achievement for helping out. :)



    Post Milestone Badges


    All Post Milestone Badges


    Each badge in this set can be earned by making the requisite number of posts as described on the badge.

    • First Post - Awarded after your total posts hits 1
    • 10 Posts - Awarded after your total posts hits 10
    • 50 Posts - Awarded after your total posts hits 50
    • 100 Posts - Awarded after your total posts hits 100
    • 500 Posts - Awarded after your total posts hits 500


    Profile Complete


    Profile Complete Badge


    Awarded when your profile completion hits 80%. The easiest way to get to 80% is by filling out your profile's Bio, and uploading a photo.


    Best Answer


    Best Answer Badge


    Awarded when one of your replies is marked as the Best Answer to a thread. See [this FAQ post] for information on Best Answers.



    Special Badges


    Before it was Cool


    Before it was Cool Badge


    This badge was awarded for joining the Knowledge Communities while it was still in the beta testing phase. The site is pretty cool now, but we appreciate our humble origins and those who stuck with us from the beginning.


    Top Contributor


    Top Contributor Badge


    This badge is awarded yearly to the friendliest and most talkative members. This badge is awarded at the end of the year, so keep asking questions and networking with peers and experts on the Community, and you may be awarded this year's badge!

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager