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How do I complete my profile?

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  • 1.  How do I complete my profile?

    Community Manager
    Posted 06-12-2019 16:01
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    There are many badges you can earn on the community for various tasks, but completing your profile is one of the most important achievements you can accomplish. Once you do, you'll earn the Profile Complete badge below:

    In order to earn this badge, you need to upload a profile image and fill in your bio on your Profile page. You can also fill in things like your work history and education.

    Once you've logged in to the Knowledge Communities, click on your profile photo (or on the placeholder photo if you're new) in the top right corner of the menu, then click on Profile.

    From here, you can use the pencil icons to edit individual pieces of your profile, or the Action button to upload a fresh profile photo.

    For your convenience, there is also a button to import your Picture and information from LinkedIn if you scroll a little farther down on your profile:

    Don't forget to come back and update your Profile from time to time so other community members can get to know you better.

    How do I update my contact info?
    At this time, you are not able to update your contact info as shown on your profile. We are working very hard to ensure that this is possible soon. The information on your profile is being pulled from one of our internal systems, so if you would like it to be updated, or if it is incorrect in some way, existing Precisely customers should contact their Account Manager for assistance getting that information updated. You can also open a customer support case to request an update.

    You can also email for assistance with your contact information if the above methods don't work for you.

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager