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  • 1.  Geolocation?

    Posted 06-18-2019 11:29
    I find it interesting how certain words enter the vernacular. Let's take "geolocation." Seem a bit redundant, don't you think? See this article for reference to this discussion.

    This area of the Community is call "All Things Location" ... not "All Things Geolocation." 

    So, of course, I had to look up "geolocation' on Wikipedia and it says that geolocation is "identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object." Hmm. I thought that was the definition of "location." Now, whether you are speaking of an address or a latitude/longitude coordinate, the word "location" could adequately cover both. But the Wikipedia definition of "gelocation" defines it by using the word "location" in the definition. Confusing, no?

    Geolocation is used a lot by the advertising technology (adtech) community and I think they've done an injustice by confusing their audience with an unnecessarily contrived word. It's also interesting that in the Wikipedia definition the technology applied to "positioning" such as RF and GPS signals can be used in supporting "geolocation." To me, positioning is specific to the ability to "locate" objects and provide the accurate lat/longs. 

    What's your take?

    Joe Francica
    Boulder CO