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List of Global Geospatial Companies (Maybe)

  • 1.  List of Global Geospatial Companies (Maybe)

    Posted 12-02-2019 09:33
    There have been several attempts to create a list of the global geospatial companies. This article by Christoph Rieke and referenced in GIS Lounge last week is the latest. Let's just say that when an article excludes one of the largest geospatial companies (that would be PB), the article loses instant credibility. And, it populates the map with Esri offices, another loss of faith and completely ignores many, if not all of our steadfast MapInfo Partners.

    But let's put aside this glaring omittances and focus on the positive, assuming this author has listed perhaps 60% or more of the geospatial companies in the world. My immediate observation is that I've not heard of perhaps 50% of the those in the list. Many companies have sprung up around the UAV/Drone market and as a consequence the Earth observation market.
    1. if it's true that the growth of Earth imagery market is growing, then...
    2. the growth of the location analytics market is about the explode

    You can't capture that much imagery and not use it. If this imagery is being wasted then these UAV/Drone companies are in for a very large fall out followed by consolidation. But even as the more successful Earth image capture companies survive, the amount of data must find a home in location analytics. 

    I've made mention of the fact that the UAV/Drone companies, and their larger brethren, the satellite data providers, have created are "too many pixels." So far, I've not seen the innovation in how to convert pixels to information.

    Perhaps in the future there will be a new list, updated with the companies that have taken the Earth observation image creators and are successful in location analytics.

    Joe Francica
    Boulder CO