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  • 1.  Acquisitions of American Territories by President

    Posted 06-04-2019 09:55
    ​Here is an interesting map showing acquisitions of Territories in the US by President, (originally posted by Reddit user BroIBelieveAtYou).
    Maps like this are easy to make in MapInfo Pro using the "Combine Objects using Column" feature.
    Starting with a mappable table of Territories along with attribute data showing the President who acquired it, this type of map can be created in just a few steps.
    The procedure creates a new table made up of combined objects based on a designated column (in the case, a column showing the relevant President).
    Numeric data such as Sales, Population, etc. can also be aggregated when creating these types of tables.
    These types of maps are extremely popular in charting Sales Territories, for example.

    This map is a good example of the "combine objects using column" feature in MapInfo Pro.

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  • 2.  RE: Acquisitions of American Territories by President

    Posted 06-05-2019 09:40
    Very cool map Dave.  Thanks for posting it.  Any chance you know if that blotch of red in Colorado is a different Monroe treaty that didn't get labeled?  I was also confused at first with the inclusion of Vermont in the Treaty of Paris.  Wikipedia cleared that up though as I had forgotten that the State of New York was still claiming the area that was Vermont at the time of the treaty.  Thanks for the dose of history today!

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