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  • 1.  Augmented Location

    Posted 06-20-2019 18:43
    Augmented Location. I knew I liked this phrase the moment I saw it in the title of an article. It has the same vibe as ambient geography (more on that later).

    What is augmented location? Paraphrasing this articleBeyond the Pin Drop: How Augmented Location Will Fuel Mobile Marketing of the Future
    it provides the context and details of place and time. Let's take an example from the article.

     ... A ride-sharing app might offer its company's services if there is a problem with the commuter's usual subway line, and with a discount for the first ride. Or perhaps it is raining one day during a user's commute and a nearby coffee shop invites the user to wait for the train inside with a coffee or food specials. These real-time notifications based on the user's time, location and context, are a great benefit for the user, who doesn't need to look for information to make the right decision.

    So, augmented location, takes into account the time, place, and conditions (weather, commuter data, distance to work, demographics, health parameters like epidemics, points of interest, retail establishments, etc.) and provides or suggests the necessary action, either on the part of the app user or the app provider.

    To me, augmented location is very similar to the definition of ambient geography, which describes the existing conditions around me at any place in time. It appears that the article quoted above is looking at context for the adtech market and adopting it for app developers and companies  using mobile ads to attract new near real-time.

    Joe Francica
    Boulder CO