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Improving User Editing Experience

  • 1.  Improving User Editing Experience

    Posted 07-27-2021 18:59
    We have provided editing options for field staff across a few data layers in SSA. As much as we have endeavoured to keep the editing simplified with minimal fields and limited pick-lists, we still have feedback from users that there are still too many steps to make the process run smoothly.

    Currently a user needs to:
    - select the record on the map to load the information panel
    - select the (small) ellipsis button against the record in the information panel
    - select the 'Edit the record' drop down menu item to load the edit template in the right hand panel

    For users with appropriate permissions configured, it would be simpler if selecting the record could immediately load the edit template.

    Is it possible to configure radio buttons instead of pick lists or input boxes?

    The date selection via the calendar is pretty poor on a PC to utilise and on tablets it is a quick way to lose the end user. It does not usually jump to the current date and we have done away with it, we can fill edit dates / times with database triggers on the back end. It would be useful to the use the calendar where we may need the user to supply a future or past date, but currently this isn't a need and given the calendar utility we would probably need to implement additional columns to capture each data component through separate pick-lists and convert to date in the background.

    The edit template is a linear form and it would be nice to be able to have some control over the appearance in the panel, some user edit fields would be better placed side-by-side rather than requiring a scroll.

    Keep the 'Save' 'Save & Exit' 'Cancel' buttons always in view.

    Another nice to have option would be to have Edit Templates able to be assigned against a User/Role or the Map Project. This way we could have one map project with different editing options instead of needing to replicate a map project and assign a different edit template.

    I'll place some of these suggestions in the Ideas Portal if there isn't a way to implement them in the current version (we are on 19.1).

    William Dean
    Cairns Regional Council
    Cairns QLD