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OS AddressBase Core released

  • 1.  OS AddressBase Core released

    Posted 07-07-2020 06:01
    On the 1st July, Ordnance Survey released their new address dataset called AddressBase Core. Part of the AddressBase Product line, this dataset has a structure that makes it easier to handle and use, dropping many of the attributes of the other address datasets.

    If you work in the Public Sector , then you will be fortunate enough to have this product included in the brand new Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA). If you are not covered by the PSGA, then this product also comes with a far more attractive price tag of £29,500 for corporate use of the full GB coverage.

    Available as either a csv or GeoPackage file of many gigabytes, this will now open in the 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro as one extended tab file. Whilst this data includes the address components you would expect plus the UPRN, UDPRN, USRN and Classification Code (this data is based on local authority holdings of the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG)), it also contains a very handy Single Line Address field.
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    33 million records in one table

    There is a dedicated webpage with more information here

    John Ievers
    CDR Group
    Hope Valley, United Kingdom