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    Posted 09-03-2018 14:48

    Join us for #FreeYourGIS Week...

    With increasing expectations on GIS professionals to serve insights to multiple departments and stakeholders, it’s time for location data to truly break free. However, there are barriers in the way - closed systems and inflexible tools impact the efficiency of GIS professionals and the ability for organizations to realize the potential of Location Intelligence.


    Join thought leaders, industry professionals and experts from Pitney Bowes as we explore the challenges and opportunities associated with leveraging geospatial data and insights across different departments and stakeholders.



    The #FreeYourGIS? webinar series runs September 18th, 19th and 20th across three timezones meaning there are webinars to suit your diary. We would love to see as many of the Li360 gang there as possible.



    Industry professionals and Pitney Bowes experts will be joined by:

    Jerry Johnston - a leader in the Geospatial Analytics practice at Deloitte Advisory who previously served as the Associate CIO and Geospatial Information Officer at the US Department of the Interior (DOI). In this capacity, 

    Peter ter Haar - a recognized worldwide as a leading professional within the geospatial information sector, a founding member of the United Nations’ Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management

    Maurits van der Vlugt -  recognised as one of Australia’s leading authorities in Location Information, having had a 25+ year global career in consulting government and the private sector on delivering strategic location-intelligence solutions, along with the enabling technology frameworks, business cases and implementation planning. 



    You can register for one or all the webinars on the links at the foot of this page:


    #FreeYourGIS Week "Ask the Experts"

    On Sept 20th at 13:30 US Eastern Time, following the #FreeYourGIS Week webinar series, there will be an Ask The Experts event which will provide a live discussion in Li360 and on twitter. Speakers from the webinar series and other experts will discuss a topic live with the community. More information to come.