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    Posted 03-15-2022 05:33
    Edited by Peter Møller 04-07-2022 07:58
    Many of you are aware of the Precisely Ideas site where you can share your ideas for improving our product offerings. You can also find existing ideas and vote on or add comments to these to help steer us in the right direction with new features and functions.

    We finally got around to looking through the ideas in order to mark the requests that have been addressed in the last couple of versions. That ended up with a quite long list of ideas that we have implemented through the last five versions of MapInfo Pro. More than 60 ideas have been marked with Now Available and some of these ideas list multiple features.

    Below you can find a list of the suggestions that we have addressed.

    Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v2021

    Date Formats - Table Structure
    Open non-spatial GeoPackage labels without a map
    Embed thematic legend
    Fix KMZ import so that it brings in the attribute information
    Keep map projection when using Bing
    Expand StringToDate function
    Filter map table in the layer control
    Support Ordnance Survey WFS API for base mapping
    Time Series
    Support for GeoJSON data format.
      Add similar functions to Vbscript's DateAdd and DateDiff
      BING- forces its own (useless) grid
      'Off' option for WMS layers in map view
      Editions in Mapinfo Pro 11.5.1
      Refresh/re-run a query
      • You can refresh a query through the context menu of the Table List without removing these from windows.
      • MapInfo Pro v2021.1 allows you to refresh a query through the SQL Window and dialogs
      MapInfo pro - rearranging order of items within tables
      Universal Translator geoJSON & KML
      True time series graph in map window - merge time and geography
      Discover "favorite projections" on right mouse click
      Enable "save in native MapInfo format" box when opening a shapefile
      Wrong Projection with BING Maps

      Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v2019

      SQL Select window to contain an Outside or similar operator
      Adding Python documentation for MapInfo
      Populate the new SQL window with the syntax from a query run in the old SQL window.
      Alternate licensing model
      Add style override during Select/SQL process
      Option to Turn off Multi-Page Layouts
      Linked SQL based on queries - not only on base tables

      Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v17.0

      Moving the "select" and "unselect" button of the browser window directly in the toolbar
      Moving inside the map window while using the "Info" tool
      Icon options
      Layer Control - double click on Thematic item text to open thematic properties
      • A thematic layer now behaves similar to a normal layer. Double-click on the thumbnail takes you to the Thematic properties. Double-click on the layer name opens up the Layer Properties dialog
      Adding a Filter to the Thematic Map
      Browse Table Loading Time (64-bit)
      Layout Designer to Map Window sync
      MapInfo Pro export to GML
      Wiggling icons in explorer window

      Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v16.0

      Zoom to a map object selected from a browser window
      Event in MapInfo MapBasic
      Make old icons available for the new Ribbon Interface
      Halo - Text within Layout Window

      Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v15.2

      Changing names of thematic map
      Make Select Window dialog box dockable
      Dynamic control of Layout Window (Graticule)
      Minimize windows
      Improving the draw scale bar tool
      Improving the toolbar of the browser window
      Apply label styles to multiple tables at once
      How to use Windows copying for all of the text fields?
      Add slider to control translucency in Layer Control
      Please set 'show frame contents' to default to 'Always'
      Recover off-screen Message window
      MI v11 Layer Control

      Ideas/requests addressed through add-ins

      Node - Specify coordinates for an individual node
      More than one previous view
      Browse Table Loading Time (64-bit)

      Other ideas/requests that we have marked as implemented

      Find results should also zoom to the extent
      Object editing - selecting, then making editable
      Make the Snap key work. People who do coordinate geometry would appreciate it very very much.
      Right-Click on table Row - Zoom to Selection Extents
      Make MI more intuitive
      • This idea holds a lot of ideas on improving MapInfo Pro. Below I have listed and grouped the ideas that have been implemented over the last many versions
      • Data management
        • Ask to add table after save copy as
          • This was added to MapInfo Pro v2017 as a checkbox in the Save Copy As dialog
        • Image processing dies if the file is more than 20 MB
          • MapInfo Pro Advanced that was added with 64-bit has not a limit as such when it comes to raster image file sizes
        • Processing large data just kills MapInfo Pro
          • 64-bit MapInfo Pro is far better at handling big datasets. With added the new Extended Tab format (NativeX) where the 2GB file sizes limitation has been removed, and it also has support for up to 999 columns.
        • Save copy as to save more than one file
          • MapInfo Pro v2021 allows you to save multiple tables into new formats
        • Update multiple columns
          • MapInfo Pro v2019 - The SQL Window allows you to build more advanced Update statements that updates multiple columns or set conditions on which records to update
        • Persistent queries after save and refresh
          • MapInfo Pro v2021 - Added support for refresh queries without removing these from windows.
      • Query
        • All functions should be available in drop-down lists of queries, ie mod
          • MapInfo Pro v2019 - the function list has been refreshed to hold all available Mapbasic functions
        • Queries to show list for an attribute so it can be selected, not guessed
          • MapInfo Pro v2019 added support for Values dropdown in the SQL Window and v2021 added this to the new Select by Attribute dialog too.
        • MapBasic is old and should go. Use .net or at least vb
          • MapBasic will never go away but we have added other programming methods like .NET and Python
      • Mapping
        • Combine layer control and table list, do all tasks, refresh more than one table
          • 64-bit MapInfo Pro has combined the Layer Control and the Table List in the Explorer window with multiple operations available through the context menus
        • Show all symbology of layer objects
          • 64-bit MapInfo Pro show style swatches for Theme and Global Style in Layer List
        • Have live grid/graticule and moves with map
          • MapInfo Pro v15.0 added support for dynamic and fixed grid lines
        • Layout window and map window have the same scale
          • In 64-bit MapInfo Pro, map window is now embedded in Layout)
        • Toolbars Not customisable, only via menu file, always moving around, especially when logged in from another PC
          • 64-bit MapInfo Pro customizable ribbon and mini toolbars
      • Useability
        • More than one previous view.
          • Through Zoom History add-in
        • Retain size and position of message and info windows.
          • 64-bit MapInfo Pro can store the position of all tool windows
        • Save workspace with one button, not three steps.
          • This has been fixed in 64-bit MapInfo Pro.
        • Stop jumping out off MapInfo after processing something.
          • This has been fixed in 64-bit MapInfo Pro
        • Stop layer control from refreshing the list and going to the top of the list:
          • This has been fixed in 64-bit MapInfo Pro
        • Store MapBasic user-defined commands (if MB continued):
          • You can create custom functions through MapBasic and publish these into MapInfo Pro

      The long list above does not include the 86 ideas that we listed back in November 2020 after the release of MapInfo Pro v2019.

      So if you have ideas on how we can improve our favorite mapping application, do add your idea to the Ideas Portal. It can also be a good idea to post a link to the MapInfo Pro Community so that we can discuss the idea here too.

      Do you see any specific new features from the list above that are going to make a big difference to you? Maybe you even have a top-3?

      Peter Horsbøll Møller
      Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
      Precisely | Trust in Data

    • 2.  RE: Share Your Ideas with Us

      Posted 04-07-2022 08:24
      Hi again

      Now that MapInfo Pro v2021.1 has been released, it's time to update Precisely Ideas again with regards to ideas/requests for MapInfo Pro.

      Ideas/requests addressed in MapInfo Pro v2021.1

      Improved Choose Projection dialog
      All these suggestions have been implemented through the new Choose Projection dialog

      Refresh existing Query without removing it from windows
      In MapInfo Pro v2021, we added support for this to MapBasic. With MapInfo Pro v2021.1, we added this capability to the SQL Window, the Select by Attribute, and the Select by Location dialog.

      Ideas/requests addressed in older versions of MapInfo Pro

      Stop rendering a map window while I resize it.
      Don't grey out menu items when they're actually available
      MapBasic compiler run silently
      Dynamic Smart Text - Automatic Update of Full File Path
      When any window type (tab) is highlighted, the dedicated menu group should also be highlighted
      MapInfo Thematic Legend

      Ideas/requests addressed through add-ins

      Previous View
      Different colours (colors) for adjacent regions (Individual thematic map)
      INFO Tool in MapInfo Pro
      Paste clipboard coordinates as point
      Hard coding a tab file using the Legend Designer thematic settings
      We hope you like these additional features that have been added to MapInfo Pro.

      Please do keep the ideas coming either through the community here or through Precisely Ideas.

      Peter Horsbøll Møller
      Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
      Precisely | Trust in Data