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Sets Asset Layers Sequentially

  • 1.  Sets Asset Layers Sequentially

    Posted 14 days ago
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    Dear MapInfo Pro Community  

    During the transformation of the road data network to the new asset management system found the road segments are not in the correct order. It means chainage lengths are not following sequentially. There are thousands of segments in such a position.  

    For instance, as seen in the attached file (yellow highlights length), the road segments arrangement is not next to the end chainage. The line directions are correct related to the road datum points.

    To resolve the issue, I have found only a choice to do manually by relocating each road's segment to the correct position. This process is time-consuming and feels not a stylish way to fix the problem.  

    I am wondering whether there is a method to fix the problem i.e., make the road segments in the chain of measurement.

    Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.   

    Pradip Bhujel
    Asset Engineer
    Yarriambiack Shire Council
    Warracknabeal, Victoria


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