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Tree Canopy Analysis of LiDAR survey data in MapInfo Pro

  • 1.  Tree Canopy Analysis of LiDAR survey data in MapInfo Pro

    Posted 02-09-2022 16:08
    I posted a couple of videos recently demonstrating how easy it is to build Ground surface rasters (DTM) from LIDAR survey data in MapInfo Pro 2021. I used data acquired on the Central Coast in Australia and also created a bathymetry raster surface for my local coastline.

    The second LiDAR processing tool in MapInfo Pro 2021 is the Tree Analysis tool. You will need the raster plug-in to access this tool. Based on the amount of feedback I have seen regarding this tool (zero), I suspect that nobody on Earth has used it. I am personally stung by this, as I wrote it, and I think it is good. If anyone has actually used it please leave a comment!

    You can use this tool to quickly and easily generate rasters of vegetation Height, Density, and Coverage. If you tried to do this in any other GIS system, you will appreciate how easy, powerful, and fast the tool in MapInfo is. You can also use these tools to examine other classified features in LiDAR data - for example, you could use it to generate rasters of building height above ground or powerline height above ground.

    I have posted two additional videos. The first shows you how to use MapInfo to generate these products. In the second video, I use my new software - ProRaster, to render these raster products. This video will give you some insights into data-color transforms, multi-layer rendering algorithms, transparency modulation, and more.

    You can find information on my website where you will find an article describing these videos with links to YouTube. You will also find the videos on YouTube - Tree Canopy Analysis in MapInfo Pro and Tree Canopy Rendering In ProRaster

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    Sam Roberts
    Founder, Roberts Geospatial Engineering